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Get All Four Wisdom Teeth Extracted with IV Sedation

Affordable Wisdom Tooth Extractions and Emergency Dental Extractions.

At Mountain View Pointe Dental, we strive to make the extraction of wisdom teeth as affordable as possible. Save more than $1,200 when compared to local oral surgeon fees!

“I would definitely recommend going here for your wisdom teeth removal!” -Anne.

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    Stop Living with Treatable Troubles and Bad Wisdom Teeth.

    It’s understandable that you may not look forward to oral surgery, but it’s sometimes the best and most effective option to restore your healthy mouth. To make this easier for you, our dental professionals have the necessary training to offer IV sedation at our office. You can rest assured that your procedure can be performed painlessly.

    You also should trust that any surgery on your mouth will be done as carefully as possible. We use state-of-the-art technology, like our cone beam imaging system. With this, we can capture hundreds of images and create a three-dimensional model of your teeth and jaw. That helps us diagnose problems and plan your treatment.

    We also use digital X-rays, which we can see almost instantaneously and which use a fraction of the radiation of film X-ray machines. We can use this to identify wisdom teeth that could cause problems before they actually do. Removing these troublesome teeth when you are young can spare you from a lot of pain as you get older.

    Do What’s Right for Your Oral Health

    Here are some of the surgical procedures that could help you:

    Bone Grafts & Ridge Augmentations – If you are missing bone or have lost bone tissue, we can build up your jaw by adding tissue where it’s needed.

    Teeth Extractions – Sometimes removing a tooth (and replacing it) is the best way to prevent a problem from getting worse.

    Wisdom teeth Removals – Wisdom teeth can create some unique issues, which is why we can identify and get rid of them for you when necessary.

    Sedation has helped many patients with their anxiety and fear of the dentist. Many patients recommend doing sedation for all big procedures.

    No need to pay high costs and wait months to be seen at an Oral Surgeon’s Office.

    Here at MVP dental, Dr. Olsen specializes in Emergency Dentistry and has extracted thousands of wisdom teeth. At Mountain View Pointe Dental, located in Meridian Idaho, we are offering a Wisdom Teeth Extraction Special for only $1299. Get all your Wisdom teeth extracted while Sedated. In addition, we also offer this great deal at a low cost and we also offer payment options if needed. Get the cost-effective option and peace of mind.